Join Us

The following positions are availbale at this time separated into these categories:


Postdoctoral Researcher

There currently is no Post-Doc position available.

Graduate Research Assistant

There currently is no GRA position available.

To apply contact Thomas Wischgoll:

Thomas Wischgoll
485 Joshi Research Center
Wright State University
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.
Dayton, OH 45435-0001
Phone: 937-775-5057

Thesis projects

There are various projects for Ph.D., Master, or undergraduate theses available in the areas of graphics, visualization, virtual and augmented reality, and biomedical imaging. If you are interested feel free to contact us by e-mail or stop by the office in Joshi 485.

Process for Joining

To join the group please follow this process: In order to familiarize yourself with the tools and techniques necessary for doing research in this area, it is highly recommend to first take at least one of the courses in graphics, visualization, or AR/VR that are offered at Wright State University. In addition, you can start the conversation by taking part in our weekly research meetings or joining the discussions on our discord server.

Job opportunites

We have contacts to various different companies in the area and beyond. If you are looking for a position or internship opportunities, please get in touch by e-mail or stop by the office in Joshi 485. We will be happy to make the connection.