2022.01.03 Our new CAVE-type display, an ActiveCube by Virtalis, is now fully installed and working in the Appenzeller Visualization Laboratory


Software Configuration and Description: AR core

ARCore is a software development kit for Google's Android operating system. It allows one to combine virtual objects with real ones captured through the phone's camera. It provides six-degree-of-freedom tracking to navigate the augmented reality. Environmental understanding provides the size and location of the real objects to make it easier to adjust the virtual objects to match the real ones. In additon, light estimation enables the Android device to estimate the current lighting conditions so the virtual objects can mimick similar lighting parameters.

Since ARCore builds on the Android environment, similar programming environments to building traditional apps can be used, such as Android Studio. More specific instructions on how to get started with ARCore on Android can be found on Google's developer web site.

You can also use other programming languages, such as Kotlin with ARCore to develop augmented reality applications.