2022.01.03 Our new CAVE-type display, an ActiveCube by Virtalis, is now fully installed and working in the Appenzeller Visualization Laboratory



The laboratories and offices of the Advanced Visual Data Analysis group are all located on Wright State's main campus. Except for the teaching laboratory, which can be found in the Russ Engineering building, all facilities are housed in the Joshi Research Center. Both of these buildings are adjacent and internally connected.

Wright State's main campus is located off of Colonel Glenn Highway. From there turn into University Blvd. and take the first driveway to the right. The building ahead is the Student Union. There, turn left and enter the visitor parking lot on the left side (see image below, click to enlarge).

	photographparking, click to enlarge

From the visitor parking lot walk passed the Student Union to the Joshi Research Center pictured below. Walk up the ramp and enter the building. The Appenzeller Visualization Laboratory is on the left side of the atrium right after you enter the building.

Joshi Research Center

The other offices and laboratories are upstairs in the Joshi Research Center on the forth floor in rooms 485 and 472, respectively. There is a staircase across from the Appenzeller Visualization Laboratory on the opposite side of the atrium. The teaching laboratory is located downstairs on the first floor of the Russ Engineering Center in room 154A.