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Immersive Visualization and Animation Theater

Immersive Visualization and Animation Theater

The Immersive Visualization and Animation Theater is now opening in its new location in Russ 154A. It is equipped with ten 49-inch 4K displays and high-end graphics workstations. All systems utilize active stereo-glasses to facilitate full 3D immersion. Various gaming input devices allow for highly intuitive interaction with the software. In addition, a stereo capable 65-inch 4K display is available as well as 12 15-inch laptop computers with high-end graphics capabilities.

All computers available in this teaching laboratory use dual-boot setups that enable them to boot into Windows 7 and Linux Mageia 2015.

In Linux, the Vrui environment is available that can utilize the optical tracking systems and Kinect sensors for head tracking within a immersive virtual environment. The 3D TVs are activated automatically. If desired the content can be displayed directly on the local monitor instead when passing the command line option -rootSection Stereo to the Vrui environment. More information about Vrui is available.