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Software Configuration and Description: Unity

Another great solution for developing your own virtual or augmeneted reality application is Unity. While traditionally being a game engine, it provides a lot of support for a long list of virtual and augmented reality devices. This includes Android and iPhones but also head-mounted display systems, such as teh HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens, or Magic Leap One. Most of those devices provide additional frameworks and toolkits to make the development of applications for those devices easier. In addition, Unity's asset store provides access to additional tools, models, and frameworks developed by Unity and 3rd party developers.

There are a lot of tutorials available for Unity, including ones made by Unity itself. Unity comes with its own Editor which provides an integrated developing environment. Unity is programmed in C#. It is usually best to start with the tutorials for the specific device you intend to develop for. But additional tutorials and online material can be a great resource for developing your application further.