2022.01.03 Our new CAVE-type display, an ActiveCube by Virtalis, is now fully installed and working in the Appenzeller Visualization Laboratory



The Advanced Visual Data Analysis group has three different facilities available for its research and educational mission: a research laboratory, a teaching laboratory, and the Appenzeller Visualization laboratory.

The research laboratory is located in room 472 of the Joshi Research Center. It is equipped with state-of-the-art visualization equipment which includes, RAID-based storage systems, high-performance graphics hardware, large-scale displays, and top-notch computing machinery.

lab photograph

The Appenzeller Visualization laboratory is housed in Joshi 278 and provides access to cutting edge visualization technology and equipment, including a traditional CAVE-type setup as well as other fully immmersive display environments.

Appenzeller Visualization laboratory

The Immersive Visualization and Animation Theater is now opening in its new location in Russ 154A. It is equipped with ten 50-inch displays and high-end graphics workstations. All systems utilize active stereo-glasses to facilitate full 3D immersion. Various gaming input devices allow for highly intuitive interaction with the software. In addition, a stereo capable 65-inch display is available as well as 12 15-inch laptop computers with high-end graphics capabilities.

Immersive Visualization and Animation Theater

The visualization laboratories can tie directly into a 23 TFlop/s SGI Altix supercomputer with 2048 parallel cores. The computer is housed in the same building to enable high-performance computing and visualization, including in-situ visualization and support for large-scale data sets. The system was listed in the top 500 list of supercomputers.

23 TFlop/s high-performance computer named Desch


Software Description

Different software packages are directly available on the computers in the different labs that can be readily used. Documentation of these software packages and their usage is available here.