2022.01.03 Our new CAVE-type display, an ActiveCube by Virtalis, is now fully installed and working in the Appenzeller Visualization Laboratory


Software Configuration and Description: WebXR

WebXR builds on the OpenGL capabilities avaiable in some web browser usually referred to as WebGL. This is essentially OpenGL code implemented using JavaScript. There are additional libraries available to make this process easier, such as ThreeJS.

There are different tutorials and frameworks available to learn more and make it easier to develop AR or VR software that runs directly within the web browser. Particularly for smartphones, this can be an easy and effective way to utilize AR capabilities.

This example shows WebXR in action showing the Wright flyer as an AR web application. It uses the phone's camera to make the Wright flyer appear in front of you after enabling the AR part.

Another example shows the Wright flyer in a virtual reality environment within your web browser. Using Google Cardboard or similar devices allows the two different views to be watched with each eye separately to achieve the immersive effect.